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[In 1900 a wireless telegraph station was installed at the University of Arkansas. Marconi believes he hears letter “S” transmitted by Morse Code from Poldhu to Signal Hill, St. [The feat was considered the first transatlantic radio transmission, but later researchers have concluded that his reception was not possible and that Marconi may have instead heard static caused by lightning.] March 1902. Stubblefield of Murray, Ky., demonstrates wireless telephony by transmission from shore to a steamboat on the Potomac river near Washington, D. [He first demonstrated his invention in the Murray area in 1892.] Nov. An advertisement for the Telimco Wireless Telegraph Outfit appears in Scientific American. The Acousticon microphone was located in the footlights, but for the opening aria, 'La Siciliana,' in Cavalleria, which was sung behind the curtain, a duplicate microphone was located on a small table before which Ricardo Martin stood when he sang that aria.

In 1912 the school was granted a special land station with the call sign 5YM. His voice was the first ever to be transmitted by radio waves and heard by another person. Then before the curtains were withdrawn for the opening scene, this microphone and the wires and table were swiftly removed from sight. Simon, a radio engineer of Cleveland, heard the program while aboard a Royal Mail liner at sea and reported that the reception was excellent." In an interview given to the New York Evening Mail and later quoted in Empire of the Air (1932), de Forest said: The first broadcasting of music, other than phonograph, occurred in the spring of 1910 on top of the Metropolitan Opera House, where I erected a temporary radio-telephone transmitter connected with two microphones placed among the footlights of the stage. vessels in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico are assigned calls beginning with K, and those in the Pacific are assigned calls beginning with W [Thomas White]. Experimental station at the University of Minnesota attempts to air football games using a spark transmitter and regular telegraph signals 1912.

If known, the sign-on date is shown with "on air"; however, in most cases the date the station was licensed or authorized is shown. Paragraphs ending in FFF are excerpts from the standard reference book Famous First Facts. Farrar, whose voice was broadcast by Lee De Forest December 16, 1907, from Brooklyn Navy Yard on the occasion of the departure of Admiral Robley Dunglison Evans ("Fighting Bob Evans") on a cruise with the fleet. The service was subsequently adapted by the Air Mail Radio Service of the Post Office Department, on April 15, 1921. Joe Lynch of New York City defended his bantamweight title against Peter Herman of New Orleans in a 15-round fight. KDKA selects its first regular announcer and program manager, Harold W. K1RP (WPAJ, WDRC) broadcasts Yale-Princeton football game (Franklin Malcolm Doolittle broadcasts game from his home; sports editor of New Haven Register relays play-by-play to him over telephone line) Jan. FIRST RELIGIOUS SERVICE BROADCAST was made when the Calvary Episcopal Church at Pittsburgh broadcast its services through KDKA. Owen Smith who relayed the reports; White later said his own voice was broadcast; temporary transmitter in Hoboken on 1600 meters, 300,000 listeners Summer, 1921. The National League Pittsburgh Corsairs defeated Philadelphia, 8-5, at Pittsburgh, for their third straight victory.

Contributors to this page include Barry Mishkind, Donna L. Reginald Aubrey Fessenden conducts a public demonstration of radiotelephony between Brant Rock and Plymouth, Mass. (FFF) (De Forest claims to have begun regular broadcasting in 1907 from laboratory in Parker Building in New York. De Forest set up transmitter at foot of the Eiffel Tower and gave a demonstration program of gramophone records 1908. [In 1910 he used the call FN; in 1912 he maintained a broadcast schedule with some regularity; by 1913 he used the call SJN; in 1916 he was assigned the calls 6XE (portable) and 6XF (fixed); in 1921 the call was changed to KQW and in 1949 to KCBS.] Jan. De Forest arranges the world’s first radio broadcast to public, directly from Metropolitan Opera to several listeners in New York. According to the 1989 edition of the Annals of the Metropolitan Opera, "In a pioneering effort, two decades before radio became an important aspect of the company’s activities, parts of (Puccini’s) Tosca (January 12, 1910) and complete performances of (Mascagni’s) Cavalleria Rusticana and (Leoncavallo’s) I Pagliacci (January 13, 1910) were broadcast.

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The following chronology emphasizes early broadcasting events, and attempts to list the authorization date or start date for every AM broadcast station before 1931. Miske was knocked out in the third round of the scheduled ten-round fight. 23, 1919, with the score Texas A&M 7, University of TX 0. Transmissions used a 2 k W spark transmitter and Morse code, continuing for four months at PM (except Sundays and holidays) on 750 k Hz (400 meters). FIRST PRIZE FIGHT BROADCAST FROM THE RINGSIDE was presented from Madison Square Garden. However, on April 4, 1922, the station did receive payment for a commercial for an auto dealer. WJY Jersey City NJ one-day license (RCA) for Jack Dempsey-Georges Carpentier fight at Boyle’s 30 Acres, Jersey City. Andrew White, editor of Wireless Age, delivered an account into a telephone connected to transmitting station at Lackawanna yard; one report says his voice heard by J. FIRST BASEBALL GAME BROADCAST WITH A PLAY-BY-PLAY DESCRIPTION was aired by KDKA, the field being connected by wire to the broadcasting station. First football game broadcast by KDKA Harold Arlin, Pittsburgh vs West Virginia University Sept.

"Whenever he talks about the station, he gets so enthusiastic." After attending Graham Junior College, part of Emerson College in Boston, Kratka landed his first job at a tiny station in Berlin, N. "I had a ball, playing the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, talking to God knows who -- moose maybe." "Looking back, I have always been on the air somewhere," Kratka noted, even during a brief stint as a TV director at Hartford's WVIT.

I love everything about it, getting involved with the music and hands-on with the equipment." "Larry is my favorite adult in this entire building," said Vanessa Purcell, also 16 and a junior.interview show, saluted Kratka as "definitely someone who's very fair, definitely not a ‘gotcha' journalist.He gives people an opportunity to voice their thoughts; that's his style." Krol, president of One Eighty Media, a local marketing, communications and advertising firm, called Kratka "someone who truly loves radio.Barry cited Kratka's "tremendous passion for the news and radio in general," as demonstrated by his role at Taconic."Thanks to Larry's efforts, many students now have the opportunity to experience working in a radio studio firsthand while still in high school." Gamma has donated equipment to the now higher-tech station.

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