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Meat is a valuable wellspring of high natural quality protein and also other B complex vitamins, zinc, selenium, iron, vitamin B12 and phosphorus [].

Meat and meat-based products are cooked before being eaten.

Highlighting on the role of cooking process on meat quality, energy requirement for cooking were identified.

Meat is a basic portion of sound and all-round balanced diet due to its nutritional richness.

News first broke that the iconoclastic chef was planning a massive Singapore street food-inspired, international food hall for an undisclosed Manhattan location way back in the early days of 2014.

Anthony Bourdain is clearly a busy man so if he had just been putzing around with this whole food hall idea, we’d be happy to cut him some slack.

Consumer acceptance of meat is strongly influenced by the eating quality.

Cooking method has great impact on eating quality of meat, and energy consumption is important parameter to consider while selecting the cooking method.

A rep for Oz's show says the lawsuit attacks his right to free speech and, "As we have always explained to our viewers, the Dr.Cooking step is critical for destroying foodborne pathogens, assuring microbial safety and achieving meat quality.Cooking also has an important effect on the nutritional properties and same time on its possible toxicity [].This article critically reviewed the effects on quality characteristics of meat and meat products by different cooking methods.The different cooking methods including oven, frying, sous vide and ohmic cooking are discussed in detail, and their effects on meat quality parameters such as colour, tenderness, cooking loss, shrinkage and juiciness are also presented.

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