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Please use American spelling and punctuation throughout.A line spacing of 1.5 and a font size of 12 pt is recommended.As a rule, at least seven colleagues become involved in the evaluation of a manuscript. This evaluation takes place during a meeting in which the editors debate the paper based on their individual assessments and the reviews the paper has by then received.Each paper is read and evaluated individually by both the five members of the executive board and two additional reviewers. After the editors have reached a decision, authors obtain a detailed explanatory statement.In addition to the executive board, the publication of the Zf S is also being assisted and supervised by an expanded editorial board. Hirschauer, Stefan, 2004: Peer Review Verfahren auf dem Prüfstand. A respective note sent in by an author will be considered by the editorial office.Members of this board generally serve a six-year term, and, unlike members of the executive board, they can be re-elected. Organization of the Peer-Review Process The peer review process of the Zf S is particularly elaborate. Once a paper has entered the peer review process, authors are informed about the approximate date at which the editors will discuss and evaluate the manuscript.

All authors must be named on a separate cover page (to be submitted electronically in an additional file).Means and standard errors are to be listed for metric variables, proportional values for categorial variables.If multivariate statistics are employed, please specify rated regression coefficients and standard errors.By dissociating the editorial process from institutional affiliations and sub-disciplinary networks as thoroughly as possible, and by affording a complex process of peer review, the Zf S is set up to operate as an "authors' journal" instead of an "editors' journal". Organization The editorial office of the Zf S is located at Bielefeld University.The Faculty of Sociology in Bielefeld delegates supervision of the journal to an executive board of five editors.

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