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The larger mobile office is put to use for the first time and its driver proves to be a surprise.Just as the investigation gets underway Ingrid receives a phone call that forces her to rush back to Copenhagen.The series has been televised in Denmark (DR1), Sweden (TV4), Iceland (Rúv), Germany (ZDF), Australia (SBS), Croatia (HRT3), and the United States (MHz). In the United States and Australia, three individual sets comprising all thirty-two episodes were released on DVD in 2014. In Europe, the Scandinavian release, which contains all thirty-two episodes in one box set, includes subtitles in Danish, English, Norwegian and Swedish.In the United Kingdom, each series was released individually as per the original broadcast. The third series was released on January 6, 2014, followed by the fourth and final series on July 7, 2014.Filming also took place in Sweden, Germany, Iceland and other close regional countries.The format of each episode balances the forensic process and an unfolding backstory that includes the somewhat ambivalent relationships existing between the unit members and their families.Ingrid Returns with a plan that conflicts with Chief Constable Ulf Thomsen.Fischer receives unexpected help when he gets into a fight with a couple of suspects.

But the revelation that follows is not what they expected.The series starred Charlotte Fich as DCI Ingrid Dahl, an ambitious detective who is promoted to the role of unit commander seemingly on the basis of being female.The series co-starred Mads Mikkelsen and Lars Brygmann as Sergeants Allan Fischer and Thomas La Cour.He also has outstanding business with the local bikers.But Ingrid thinks the motive for the homicide is more of a personal nature.

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