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He might look cute from across the bar, but we already know what’s on his bookshelf at home. Never mind that Paul Ryan makes a lousy stand-in for a libertarian, with an awful record on civil liberties, peace and restraining government spending that puts him, in real terms, well inside the inch-and-a-half of the ideological spectrum considered to represent respectable opinion by the threadbare editorial boards of the East Coast.He's at the smaller-government end of that spectrum, and he occasionally quotes Ayn Rand (when he's not fleeing from her).Yes, these are stand-out memories from a large group of otherwise perfectly decent human beings with a wide range of viewpoints. But, by contrast, even if it connects me with Paul Ryan, I think I kind of like Friedman's take on libertarians as incarnations of sinister, alternate-universe Bruce Waynes. This revival is Koch-fueled, not coke-fueled, and exists only because in political debate, as in so many other walks of life, cash is king.

That’s no reason not to work with them on areas where they’re in agreement with people like me.He’s all about individual responsibility but he just isn’t, metaphorically, into wearing protection.This is the part where you collect your shoes and bag and GTFO. Like the stealth-libertarian date, Ryan has managed to set himself up as an underdog, a savvy and “courageous” hero railing against the status quo, even though his policy proposals would hasten our trip down the path we’re already on, creating even greater inequality.Exxon Mobil and other corporate and billionaire interests are behind the Cato Institute, the other public face of libertarianism.Financiers have also seeded a number of economics schools, think tanks, and other institutions with proponents of their brand of libertarianism.

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