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I would amend that to read “Hungarian education isn’t systemically magic”.

As far as I know, there’s only one Hungarian educator with magic powers, and (like all good wizards) his secrets are maddeningly hard to find.

Despite its questionable grounding in science, the rdos test does appear to identify a difference between neurotypicals and aspies.

(Musings of an Aspie has written a balanced review of it here.) Probably the most popular feature of the rdos test is the results graph, which provides a useful visual reference to those of us who like that sort of thing.

I’ve also included a neurotypical graph, so you can see just how different that is on this scale.

Facial Expression & Tone of Voice Tests These two tests are also from the Simon Baron-Cohen research team.

Broadly speaking, they probably do give a good idea of whether or not to pursue an assessment, but don’t let them become a source of anxiety either way.

Many of the pictures were stereotypical, and thus easy to guess, but it should give an overall idea of ability.

Empathy Tests Again based on Baron-Cohen’s male vs female theory, is the Empathy Quotient Test (this version on The Guardian website), which aims to show that aspies are more “male” in their thinking.

It has helped me to raise awareness amongst my NT friends, because while many people hear of a particular aspie trait and say, “oh, I do that kind of thing all the time,” this test shows them all the things they don’t do.

Caution: results might be fun, but are not necessarily reliable.

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