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Fulham hardly set the world alight although they generally finished in the top half of the table.During the 1920s they endured a gradual decline and were relegated to Division Three (South) in 1928 although four years later they returned to the Second Division.Tigana brought modern coaching methods and revolutionised squad management.In 2001, al-Fayed's five-year plan reached fruition a year early as Fulham won the Nationwide First Division championship.

The first known match report, dating from 1883, indicates they wore halved tops (usually described as "quartered" at the time) although some players wore different shirts in the club colours, a not uncommon occurence in the days when players provided their own kit.

Thanks to a vigorous campaign by supporters co-ordinated by former player Jimmy Hill, the club secured their future at the Cottage but their very survival was now in doubt.

In January 1996, Fulham, attracting a mere 4,000 spectators to their home games, were next to bottom of the League and had debts spiralling out of control.

While the football was attractive to watch, success proved elusive.

The monogram was replaced in 1977 by a simplified version of the Hammersmith & Fulham coat of arms.

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