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The young archaeologist, located farther up the mountain that we have referred to, we will call "Rusty." "Rusty" was very intimidated by "Dagwood." He knew that his whole future lay within "Dagwood's" grasp, and he would be crushed if he did not do "Dagwood's" bidding.

Therefore, "Rusty" decided simply not to write a report on his site.

"Dagwood" not only controlled what archaeology and what sites were excavated, but also controlled what was published about them.

It is obvious the amount of power he had, since he could muster up the Mexican army to carry out his purposes.

But one member of the team would have nothing to do with it.

He realized that he had to control more information and more knowledge.However, I was guilty, along with many others, of laughing at the story of the "foolish archaeologists" who were finding the dates of early man at hundreds of thousands of years ago in the Americas."We simply know it could not be." So I was guilty of lack of judgment at the time, and later I felt guilty about this.If not for her, very possibly all of this would have been lost in the "brambles" of history. I heard in class of the Mexican army's coming and containing the artifacts.I heard how the excavation had been forced to shut down.

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