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Somehow I am not that surprised: rules between two bigger players can be different from between a bigger player and a smaller one,” Michal tells TF.

In addition, the company requires file-sharing services to be pre-approved.He is accepting bids on Flippa and hopes someone is willing to take over the service, to keep the 34,000 registered users happy.“I believe that after half a year of running Streamza I created something cool. It’s not only a great tech and user interface, but a service that fills a niche,” Michal says.Pay Pal is widely known for its aggressive stance towards Bit Torrent sites, Usenet providers and file-hosting services, and it appears that streaming services based on Bit Torrent technology are receiving the same treatment.Last summer Polish developer and Wikidot CEO Michal Frackowiak launched Streamza, a torrent download service that lets users stream music and movies securely to their PC, TV, i Phone or i Pad.

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