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Unlike other dating sites we believe in quality over quantity.

You won’t receive a vast number of dates and we may not have a match for everyone every month but this is because we want to ensure our match has a good chance of being successful.

Although you might not have a blind date lined up every month you'll be invited to our Mixer Dinner Parties where you can meet great people and share experiences.

This ultimately increases your networking and dating opportunities.

Many of our members are high calibre professionals who value their privacy.

Therefore, we have no online profiles and limit sharing of basic information until one hour before the date.

They are gentlemen, scholars and “relationship-minded” (been there, played that, ready for the next phase). She even tries to set me up with a third fellow, who (due to my travel schedule) makes a date with me two weeks in advance, but texts me the day before: “Julia, hey, this is [redacted]. I’m sorry to get back to you on such short notice, but I am not going to be able to meet tomorrow. I’ve had actual boyfriends who haven’t been that conscientious.

Basically, I went out on a date with someone late last week, and saw her again this week. At the end of my dates, I ask Amy if the guys had any feedback.

We take a more organic approach with our dating consultants using various matchmaking models combined with your selected deal breakers to find your ideal match and we really care that it works.

As a result, members have no preconceived expectations before they go on their date.

Start dating today with this FREE TRIAL and enjoy exclusive networking & dating events with like-minded professionals.

While the idea originally seemed prohibitively expensive, most matchmakers don’t charge ladies a penny.

And after sampling three, I discovered that the men who use these services are incredibly eligible bachelors.

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