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A spokesman for the National Police Chiefs Council said: 'If an officer determines that a driver using their satnav hindered their ability to control the car, the driver could face prosecution.'These warnings expose inconsistencies between the more lenient penalties for using a traditional or built-in satnav and the harsher punishments involving mobile phone use.

In April a report published by comparison website u Switch found Britian had become a nation of 'satnav junkies', causing many motorists to drive dangerously.

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Sat navs and GPS devices are only as good as the map update you have loaded. Garmin update their City Navigator series (road maps) several times each year.

You don't have to update at the same frequency, but updating at least every 2 years will ensure your sat navs maps aren't too out of date.

Using a mobile phone to navigate in the car could result in a ban and a £200 fine for the driver, police chiefs have warned.

A clampdown on motorists using phones to call and text that began in April also extends to using mobiles as satnavs, drivers are warned as the bank holiday exodus gets underway.

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